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Paul Brown has worked in Ottawa his whole life. He has Bachelor degrees from Simon Fraser University and the University of Ottawa. He has worked for the Ottawa Catholic School Board for 27 years. The first part of Paul's career was spent working with students who have varying learning disabilities. In the last 17 years Paul has been entrusted to guide thousands of students with course selections, post-secondary options, personal issues and mapping out possible career goals. He works with College Preparation International helping student athletes with SAT preparation in their pursuit of post-secondary options in the United States. Paul’s total adherence to student-centred approach allows him to be very sensitive and responsive to individuals and to situations. Respect for self and for others is the cornerstone of his personal and professional philosophies. Paul is an excellent advocate for his students. His personal, people, and professional skills are exemplary. Paul is a most respected member of his community and is anxious to serve those entrusted in his care.


Patrick Mulvihill began his teaching career in the Toronto area. He has Bachelor degrees from the University of Waterloo, Queen’s University and a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto. Approximately twenty years ago he and his family moved closer to Ottawa, Ontario and Pat continued with his teaching then became vice principal and principal. Pat had the opportunity to serve as Principal of International Education for a publicly funded Ontario school board. In this role Pat established partnerships with various agents and school administrators in Asia, Europe and South America. Pat’s own family has served as a homestay family and his children have studied offshore and taught in international schools. Pat has served as a part time professor at an Ontario community college. With his keen interest and vast experiences in international education Pat is ready to serve students, parents, agents and other partners in our global community.

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Canada International Student Placement Inc. (CISPI) was started by two men with over 60 years of combined experience in public education. In 2014 Paul Brown and Patrick Mulvihill met and shared their views of international education. A professional relationship was developed and visions, skills, resources, contacts, and backgrounds were shared. In early 2015 Canada International Student Placement Inc. was ready to welcome students to Canada.

Paul Brown

Patrick Mulvihill


  • Students will have access to a qualified and experienced school principal and principal of international education.

  • Students will have access to a qualified and experienced school guidance counsellor.

  • CISPI is based in Ottawa, near your own embassy in case of emergencies.

  • CISPI is partnered with a Canadian certified Immigration Consultant company.

  • CISPI will be pleased to provide letters of welcome to support study permit/visa applications.

  • Once in Canada, CISPI will provide support getting settled, securing health care, opening bank accounts, exploring employment avenues.

  • CISPI appreciates the parents of students and will assist with travel plans to visit their children in Canada.

  • CISPI directors can respond quickly to students when notified of the need for physical or mental health support.

  • CISPI directors, both Canadian citizens residing in Canada, can recommend options for accommodations. Through CISPI partnerships, homestay and residence accommodations can be explored.

  • Through CISPI, students will have access to accredited universities, colleges, independent schools and public schools in various parts of Canada.

  • CISPI can place students in summer ESL programs for all ages, interests and levels.

  • CISPI can assist the students to arrange transportation from the airport to place of study.

  • Students, their families and agents will always be able to contact CISPI Directors, both of whom are members in Good Standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.

  • CISPI Directors are not employed by the institutions’ international programs and will provide a non-biased perspective.

  • CISPI Directors can assess international education placements in Canada and will search for the best program based on the students’ academic history and goals.

  • There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

  • Only CISPI, through its partnerships, can provide students with a variety of programs and continual support.

  • CISPI is committed to the pillars of Friendship, Scholarship and Leadership


Mission: Canada International Student Placement Inc. (CISPI) is built on the pillars of developing friendship, scholarship and leadership through a strong partnership with students, parents, agencies and educational institutions.

Location:  Various cities in Canada. 

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