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Canadian youth aged 13-17 are invited to apply for an incredible experience with an international exchange.

  1. For as little as $2,000 your teen can experience one or more months with a teen from a family in another country. 

  2. During a time that is mutually agreed upon, both families host for the same duration.

  3. These "Cultural Reciprocal International Exchanges" are enriching
    and life-changing for the whole family, and much more than just languages.


Your teen can visit, then your family is a reciprocal host with another teen a month or more in any of these countries.

What makes an exchange happen?

  • Two children, two families, one friendship for life.

  • An affordable and exciting international adventure in a safe family environment.

CISPI is proud to be selected as the Canadian partner of Aventuro, headquarted in Berlin, Germany.  Aventuro partners have youth wanting to exchange with a Canadian youth.  Aventuro Canada Exchanges can occur during the summer or even during the school year. Exchanges during the school year are available to a limited number of Ontario school districts.  Check with CISPI to see if your school district participates. 

  • We organize tailor-made Reciprocal Exchanges for Canadians wanting to go to Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, the UK, and Italy for families. Group exchanges can be arranged.

  • We aim our cultural and linguistic exchange program to teenagers between 13 and 17 years of age and their families who are willing to open their home to celebrate a memorable international experience

  • We screen families, prepare and support them throughout the exchange period

How it happens:

  1. Contact CISPI ( or ( to express your interest and to learn more.

  2. CISPI will forward the Aventuro application so we can get to know you a bit better.

  3. The Aventuro team searches for a perfect match and lets you know when a potential exchange partner has been found.  

  4. The Aventuro team works with both families to ensure dates are shared and safe, caring home environments are ready to welcome the participants.

  5. A fully refundable application fee is forwarded when a potential match is found.

  6. Full payment is forwarded after both families agree to the match.

  7. Families are connected and begin to communicate and interact

  8. Start packing!!!

What's included:

  • There will be an Aventuro representative working with you both while you are home and away. 

  • All participating families will be screened and references will be checked

  • All participants are required to have health insurance. Emergency health and dental insurance is provided for one, two or three month exchanges.

  • You will be met at the destination airport by your exchange partner and his/her family

  • If a match is not found, a full refund is provided.


Not included:

  • Participants are responsible for purchasing their own air fare and travel to the Canadian departure airport.  Points, air miles can be used to offset the cost of the airfare.

  • Emergency health and dental insurance for four months and longer

  • Flight cancellation insurance, extra baggage fees



"A really big thank to you and your organization for this marvellous trip; Alaïs is very enchanted of  her travel and very happy of the days in Marc and Annie home. Thank you CISPI for all. Best regards."    Benoit

"Dear Paul and Pat,

     Thank you again for all you have done for our children. They are very happy with their stay and keep great memories of Canada. They fall in love with your country and they hope to return soon!"

To meet the Aventuro team and to learn more please visit and click the English tab and then “Exchange Programs”

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